Dare To Dream

Do you remember when you were a little kid and you imagined ideas and then created them. You dreamed of owning your own store, so you made one and you had your parents come shop with you. Or the day that you wanted to be a chef, so you told your parents and they asked you what you wanted to make, and they showed you where the ingredients were, and the let you play restaurant. They came and ordered off of your one item menu and you served it to them, and they ate it. (whether or not it was good was another story) All our life though, we are asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up”? As time goes by it changes from a veterinarian, to a fire fighter, to a zoo keeper, a dancer, to a chef,  and then you really start to think about it. We wonder what is a job that you can actually achieve? When we think about this, most of the crazy dreams go away, or get pushed aside because we believe that they are unattainable. Some of those very well might be dreams that are just random.

But then, there’s that one dream. The one that keeps coming back. The one we like to pretend when no one is watching. The one we write about. The one we think about. The one we wonder why we cannot get there. The one we don’t tell anyone about. The one we really really want, but know that there is pretty much no way for us to get there. That, my friends, is a pipe dream. (Practically Impossible Place of Existence)

Now, you might be thinking, Emma, what’s the point? Well, you see sometimes we have dreams that are put on our hearts, and they never really go away.

Growing up I had a pipe dream. It was something that I never ever shared with anyone and never planned to because it seemed to crazy, and impossible for me to do. Growing up though I had always heard that God would give us the desires of our heart. That when we truly align ourselves to Him and what He wants, He puts passions, goals, dreams and desires on our hearts for us to follow and seek Him out on. So, when this dream never really went away, I began to wonder.

I wondered would this be something that I could actually do? What would it take to make it happen? How would I get there? Is this really something that God wants me to do, or is it just something that I could never let go of because I wanted it to happen?

I got to the point where I wondered who I was.  Who was it that I am supposed to be? I knew that I am wanted and loved by God. I knew that my greatest desire was to do all that God had and planned for my life, and I never wanted to get in the way of it. I didn’t want to do anything that He did not want me to do. I knew that Christ paid the ultimate price with His life for mine. I received His gift, and that is something I could never repay Him for. The only thing I can do is surrender my life to Him and His plan for me and do whatever He asks of me, and be who He has created me to be. He does everything for a reason, and that is why we can trust Him completely. But that is hard to do when we feel this dream on our hearts, and we can see the end, but we cannot see or understand how we will get there. And because we do not see it, we put away that dream and just reach for what makes sense and for what we can accomplish, so we are willing to put in the necessary work to get there because we know we can.

But the truth is this… ” You are human and when you decide to take a risk (and every dream is a risk) then you will always feel fear. You have a choice about what to do in response to that fear, but feeling it in the first place is often more of a confirmation than a sign you should walk away from your dream.” Meaning we should not walk away from that dream just because we do not understand it, or cannot see the process and are afraid, it means that we need to pray and seek Him even more. It means that we have to rely on Him alone to get to this place that He wants us to be. He’s the only one who can get us there, so we trust Him and we do it.

Trust me though, it is easier said then done. I recently made a decision on something that I feel will get me closer to where God wants me to be with this dream I have had, but I am still having a hard time with it. Not as much now as I did before, but that’s because, “If you have prayed, planned and sought wise counsel from a small group of people in your life then go ahead and move forward”. Acts 15 talks about how the people had a question and did not know what to do.  So, they prayed, and then they heard a couple of testimonies from prophets and then they went to the people and told them what they had heard. After having all the information that they could find, they made a decision. No matter what though, they were seeking God for His wisdom and made a decision that still blessed Him.  I talked to the people I trust most felt that they had a strong relationship with Christ. I knew that they had walked through there own dreams and trials and would be able to help guide me and encourage me. I was open to hearing what they had to say because I was choosing to seek people that God had put in my life. I also kept seeking God through prayer, and reading His word, and felt at peace about it all. For the first time, I felt like I could actually see myself living that dream.

So, as long as we are seeking Him in all things, and wanting to do everything for Him and to further His kingdom, then He smiles upon us and blesses us.

In the end, we can then make a decision and pursue Him in everything. Every step, Every thought, Every moment, Every choice and Every Dream.

So, you can tell that younger you, that the dream that is on your heart will remain there for the majority of your life, as you pursue it and seek God in it. Do not fear it. Chase after it and get to know the one who placed it there before you were even created. Those pipe dreams, can become reality, and they can bring Glory to Him, as you love everyone around you unconditionally like Jesus through that dream.

Seek Him First! Know His Heart! Be known by Him! Know Who You Are!



** Some quotes are from Holley Gerth! You should check out her books! They are amazing!


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