Understanding Change, and Embracing It

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Lately, (since I have had the time, which is a rather strange concept for me), I have been thinking about who I am in the start of a transitioning time in my life. Granted that won’t truly happen for a few more months, but nevertheless, I cannot help but think about the change.

Do I want to be present in this moment that I am living in right now? Absolutely!            The people that I love and care about, and the people that I do life with are right here. Right Now! Every day that I spend with them, I treasure. We should all do that. Every moment that we spend with someone is a memory, but it is up to us to make it memorable.

Anyways, change can be scary, and challenging, but it can also be very rewarding. It brings us out of our comfort zone, and into a place of growth. Growth because we find ourselves in a place where we need to seek Him to understand.

We try to understand what is happening, and what the purpose of the change is. (Whether that change was chosen or a surprise). Change can cause us to wonder about who we are supposed to be in our new environment.

   A book that I am currently reading is titled, Fierce Hearted by Holley Gerth. In her book, shares of a time where she talks of growth, and I could not agree more.

“I thought if I could just be successful enough, I would become someone else. But you can’t grow into someone new. You can only grow into more of you”.

   Holley’s words are exactly how I used to feel when I would be entering into a new season of life. I thought that maybe this time, I could be someone else. Someone more confident. Someone more qualified. Maybe this time someone would see me the way that I wanted to be seen. Sometimes, I still feel this way, when I try to embrace the growth and learn what I am supposed to be learning, and seeing what I am supposed to see. But, if there is one thing I know, it’s that the times that I have grown the most in my walk with God, it has been when I am going through something. Most commonly through change and uncertain times. This could be change in schools, jobs, people in my life, family things, my own personal decisions, as well as others. But each time I found myself going through something, I was beginning to realize the real strength of God, and what His plan looks like through His eyes as I begin to live it. As I got used to the fact that growth was inevitable, I began to look to God to wonder what I was supposed to be learning from it.

I know now that when I have a flat point in my life, that something big is coming soon. A growing opportunity. A chance to go deeper in my relationship with God. A chance to see another side of myself that God has created. An opportunity to grow more in love with God. An opportunity to have my heart realigned to His, so that His heart is my heart. To have the dreams, goals and passions that are on my heart to be from Him and not from me. Doing this, fills me with joy and happiness, and makes me so excited for what He has for me now and what is yet to come.

For now, I am going to enjoy where I am and what He has me doing, and making memories. I am accepting and loving where I am and who I am because He is using all of it to prepare me for what is next, while letting me embrace the adventure that I am on.

Reminding myself that whatever I do, it is all for Him. That I do have a purpose in this life. That He has a plan for me, even though I might not know it. He is shaping me and helping me to grow into who He wants me to be now and in the future.

I encourage you and challenge you to do the same. Embrace where you are now whether it is a time of happiness or a time of struggle, He has you there for a reason. It is okay to wonder, and it is okay to not know because we know that He knows. You just need to trust Him, and know that He is with you and that He is fulfilling His plan within you. No matter what is happening, He has you in His hands. He will comfort you and give you peace. He will light your heart on fire for what He has for you. Those desires and dreams that come from Him will only grow in your heart. The “who am I” question will go away and He will show you more of yourself as He continues to show you more and more of the plan that He has for you.

You Can Do this!

” If I make up my mind to accept who I am once and for all, I can push that door open and I will love the life I have so much more than before”. ~ Holley Gerth


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