Bible Study Week 3!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to week 3 of our Bible study! This week’s passage is Romans 11:36- 12:21. It talks about being a part of the body of Christ, and how we are all different. We are all uniquely chosen and created to do what he wants us to do. Being who He wants us to […]

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Bible Study Week 2!

Hey Everyone! I hope that people are doing well and staying safe and healthy. This week’s passage is Hebrews 11-12:3. This talks about all of the trials and obstacles that the people before us endured, yet kept their faith. They believed despite the unknowns and the loved and served God and those around them. This […]

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Bible Study Week 1!

In this week’s Bible study we are reading Philippians 1:27- 2:15. This passage focuses on how we should live our lives for Christ. There are so many of these throughout the Bible, and I love reading them! So often I find myself wanting to make sure that I am living according to what God has […]

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Just checking in!

Hello friends! I hope this finds you well. I just wanted to check in with you to see how you are doing?  How are you spending your time?  Have you read any good books?  Played board games?  Stayed in touch with your friends? How has your Jesus time been?  I have been finding myself just […]

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The start of change

Hey Everyone! Today I am launching our series. It is a series on change and transitioning from something major in our lives to another. The reason why I wanted to launch this series is because in the last year, literally from this time last year till now, so much has happened in my life. Many […]

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My word for the New Year!

Every year my family and I come together to share our words that we feel God is speaking to us about the coming year. We share the stories behind our words, verses that might go along with it, and really whatever we have to share about our word that makes it ours for the year. […]

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! I am so happy and excited for this year and all that God has planned. I just wanted to say thank you for coming to check out my page. For those of you who are new, I would like to share a couple of things with you about the purpose of […]

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It has to be this way

One of my greatest passions is to Love people and help people feel loved and cared for. One way that I do this is by being who God created me to be (quirks and all). When I realized God’s unconditional love that He has for me, I was able to see how Christ loves everyone. […]

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Easter Season and Today

With this being the season of Easter, we stop and reflect on what Christ did for us many years ago on that cross. We see His grace, His forgiveness, and His unconditional love for us. However, looking at those things allowed me to think deeper in a way that I never really had before. Sure, […]

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Dare To Dream

Do you remember when you were a little kid and you imagined ideas and then created them. You dreamed of owning your own store, so you made one and you had your parents come shop with you. Or the day that you wanted to be a chef, so you told your parents and they asked […]

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Simply Now

Hello! There is something I wanted to share with you that someone shared with me. This person has been very encouraging to me my entire life, but especially in these past few months. “Sometimes we feel we should be closing down what we are doing and moving on. Like there should be something happening next. […]

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From Clouded to Clear

What are we doing that is holding us back from running to Jesus?? Thoughts of how people view us? We don’t know what to do or are content with where we are and we don’t want to grow further? Who will be our people as we grow closer?                                                     The thing is, we just need to […]

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Before We Begin

When thinking about an adventure, one tends to start wondering what it will be about. What will we see? Who will we meet? What will we encounter? What will we feel? What will we experience? We often times look for an adventure to go on. We wonder when it is going to happen. We try […]

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