The Next Chapter… “Adulting”

In this moment, there are a lot of emotions and thoughts going through my mind.

Initially, I am happy! So incredibly happy. That day was and is a day full of joy and celebration of something that I had worked so hard at for many years. That day I got to celebrate with my family and friends.

There were other thoughts going through my mind. Thoughts of happiness and joy of reminiscing on all the memories and adventures I had been on the last four years. All the people that have come into my life, the places that I have gone, things I have seen and experiences I have endured. Feelings of thankfulness for those that supported me in the challenging times, and for God’s love, strength, grace and endless adventures.

While reminiscing of past adventures, I am also looking to the future. Thinking about what my life will look like. where I will be, what I will be doing, and what God will show me.

However, currently I am in a place of waiting, but not just waiting and doing nothing. Waiting by moving. Taking steps to get closer to God, and to also live a life that I would like to live in accordance with Him. I am hanging out with friends, visiting people from the past year that have a special place in my heart. Reading more of God’s word, supporting my family in the new chapters of their lives and celebrating them and more…

I do not know about you, but I am guessing you are feeling the same way. Happy in the present, remembering the past memories and thinking about the future, and how to really do this “adulting” thing.

How does one be an “adult” but still do, and care, and love. How do we bring the versions of ourselves that we have developed during our college years into this place we call, “the real world”?

I feel like it is one of those so simple yet complicated things.


Wherever you go, be you.

Smile, laugh, hold the door, extend a hand, help where you can. Ask people how they truly are. Listen. But most importantly, just be there. Be present.

Some thoughts I leave for you…

1.) Know that He has you in His hands, with an amazing plan in place.

2.) Spend time with Him. He will reveal all of that in His good and perfect time. He will show you and guide you to take those steps.

3.) Be present in every moment and love all of those around you.

4.) Stay connected. Reach out to people. Those He brings into our lives are for a reason, whether they are for a chapter or a lifetime.

5.) Go out. Experience new things. do not stay inside. He cannot move you places unless you are moving closer to Him. People that did things in the Bible were moving. They were serving, loving, being around Christ and His presence, and surround yourself with others. Every time your are around others or in a place, it is a chance to be a blessing to others and an opportunity to have an encounter with God. A chance to grow and become more of the person He wants you to be.

Finally, never let anything or anyone change who you are. Be you, but grow into more of who you are. Do not let things change the passions on your heart. If they do, then leave them behind and seek the one who put it there in the first place.

These are all things that I would tell myself in this picture. Things I tell myself often and I want you to know too!

So, be happy. Throw your hat in the air. Dance in the rain. Explore. Adventure. Be present. Seek Him. Love others.

That’s what I plan to do.

Will you join me?




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