My word for the New Year!

Every year my family and I come together to share our words that we feel God is speaking to us about the coming year. We share the stories behind our words, verses that might go along with it, and really whatever we have to share about our word that makes it ours for the year.

As I said on instagram this week, I am going to share my word for the year, and the story behind it. 


  My word is…


The reason why I chose change-forward for the year is because of everything I experienced last year. So many things have changed. Friendships have come and gone, but also new additions to my “friend family”. I have worked at a few different jobs, but found a community that I love and enjoy being a part of. 

I have grown as a person, and am even more confident in who I am and who He is creating me to be. I have learned to completely trust Him. I have sought Him through some really tough times last year and have loved how close He and I have become. I love spending time with Him, getting to know Him and who I am and the plans, dreams, and desires that He has placed on my heart. 

With all of that said, the reason for “CHANGE-FORWARD” is because a lot of that happened near the end of 2019. As we are in a new year, I want to continue to do those things and change my habits. I want to do more. Get involved, grow my community, enjoy life and live it while loving and serving people. I just want to not have a repeat of last year. A new year. A new outlook. A renewed joy and following what He has for me. Last year there were things that I felt were in the way of following what He wanted me to do, and I put it off and did not do it. That is not the case for this year. We are doing new things!

I am changing my morning devotionals 

I am changing my circle of people.

I am changing how I go about my life and stepping out more. 

I am changing how I respond to God when He shares something with me.

I am changing how I share Jesus.

I am changing how I look at certain situations that I have a hard time dealing with.

I am embracing the change of the first full year of being out of a school atmosphere.

I am embracing the change that my life currently offers me.

I am ready and open for the change that He wants to do in and through me. 

I am excited, and ready for all the new change that He will bring into my life!

In the last year, I have felt a few different times things that I wanted to share with you guys but felt like I did not have enough to share, or have answers for it either. Truth is, I will never have all the answers. There is only one who will ever have all the answers, and that is Jesus. 

The times that He has told me to write or do something, I felt unqualified to do it. I felt like I would say something wrong, or I would just be in a place where I couldn’t do it. I made excuses for things. Excuses to avoid conversations, excuses to not write, excuses to not go out and do things, excuses to push people away. Everything overtime came full circle and God broke through all of that. So, with CHANGE-FORWARD, I am not doing that. I am done running. I am done avoiding. I am done putting things off. We are going all in. Anything He asks of me, tells me to do, puts in front of me, lays on my heart, anyone He puts in my life, I am going all in on that. That is another part of the “CHANGE-FORWARD” that I am desiring this year!

I am so excited for where He has me now, and where He is leading me. I am excited for the new people I will meet this year, and the celebrations of those I have in my life. I am excited for the new places He will bring me and show me. I am filled with joy and passions and desires that can only come from Him. 

So, there is my word for 2020, what it means to me and why I am excited about all of it.

I would really love to hear what your words are and the explanations behind them. They do not need to be as thought out as mine, but definitely can be. Feel free to comment your words down below, or send them my way if you would rather via the contact page.

Know you are loved. Until next time,



2 thoughts on “My word for the New Year!

    1. I love this what an opportunity to think of what can be how one word can change your outlook for the future thank you for posting this😊

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