Start of change part 3- Graduation!

Hey Fam! Sorry it’s been a hot minute since I posted. These last couple weeks were a little busy, and quite frankly thinking about graduation again was not really something I wanted to do, but knew I should so, despite the fact that it has been several months since. While graduating is an exciting time, and should be celebrated, it also brought other feelings to it too. I will just briefly touch on it here and then Continue the rest in my blog. 

With that said, GRADUATION!! 

The last couple weeks leading up to graduating were pretty crazy. Going to every last event I could, hanging out with all of my people that I could, finishing up my last lessons for teaching, just trying to be as present as possible and taking it all in. I remember one of the last nights I just sat in my room after a long day and just reflected on how much had happened over four years. All the people I had met, events I had gone to, but also how much I had grown during that time. I had gone from a very shy quiet person, to someone who loved talking to people, was actively involved in the things I cared about, and had grown so much in my faith and how I lived it out. That I was happy with. But, when I actually thought about leaving, I did not want to. I did not want to leave my community I had worked so hard to build, or a place that had helped me grow, and felt loved and known. I did not want to start all over again.

Graduation day

This was the day. The day so many were happy about. We were finally going to walk across that stage and be done. Many were happy they were done and going on to bigger and better things. Many had family coming from all over to celebrate them, as did I. But that day at first, I just did not feel like celebrating. I did not feel like I had anything to celebrate, since I wasn’t doing anything that had to do with what I went to school for. But after a lot of praying that morning and spending time with God,  I told myself that today, I can celebrate how far I have come and who I have become. That made me happy and excited, so I decided to focus on that.

I arrived at the location. Got ready. Enjoyed the ceremony and the fact my family was right behind me cheering me on. Walked across that stage. Took pictures. Celebrated with my friends. Spent time with my family, and just was so thankful for those that walked through the last four years with me watching me and helping me to grow. That was such a beautiful day. I did not have time to think about what was next, or what I would be doing once I moved back home. I did not think about not having a job, or when I would see my friends again. I enjoyed ending that adventure and celebrated as I looked back on the journey. 

So, if you are anticipating that day of graduating and what may come next, or are leaving something that has been a big part of who you are, and have mixed feelings about it, just look back on how far you have come. Think about where you were when you started to where you are today. I might not know who you are, but I am so proud of you for finishing. For trying. For doing your best. The next step and adventure that will come along may be hard, and you may have to start over, but remember, you already did that. You have started over before and can do it again. You are doing amazing things even if you have no idea what they could be. If I could give a tiny piece of advice. Seek Him every day. Get in His word. You will continue to grow and learn who you are and what He wants you to do. Starting over when you know what is next or when you don’t can be scary, but know that He is always with you and has an amazing plan. Plus, this time, you are starting out even stronger, and a different version of yourself then when you first started this one.  Do not fear the end, for there is a new beginning soon. There are so many people out there waiting to meet you and see what all you have to offer to this world. Go out there and be you. Don’t let an ending be the end of you, but rather the launch to what He has for you!

I pray that this encourages you to enjoy where you are, embrace the end of one adventure and get ready for the next. Know that I am praying for you in a time of transition and all the feelings that come with it. It is okay to feel mixed emotions, let them happen. 

You are so loved! Have a great week!


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