Simply Now


There is something I wanted to share with you that someone shared with me. This person has been very encouraging to me my entire life, but especially in these past few months.

“Sometimes we feel we should be closing down what we are doing and moving on. Like there should be something happening next.

We wonder why we haven’t gotten there yet. What’s the next thing coming, when there really is something that we still need to learn before we get to the next place.

There is a reason for everything.

A reason why our next has not come yet, so we must seek Him, and trust Him to learn what it is that He wants us to learn right now. In this moment.

Then once we are done with what He has for us where we are, He will move us to the next place.

We are always moving, just not at our pace or in a way that we want to, but it is always worth it.

Everything for a reason right? I think so”.

My mind as of lately seems clear but focused on all the things that are going on. I try to be present Now, and trying to figure out what the next is but trying to learn what I am supposed to be getting at this moment. What is God using this these moments for? What is He using it to prepare me for? What is the next adventure?

Perhaps it is not the next adventure that matters, but what is this adventure all about. What more amazing things does He have in store for today?

Simply being who He created us to be in every situation is all we need to be. Seeking Him now for this moment and getting to know Him to know his voice for the future.

Being present in these moments, has lead me to some of the best Adventures, best friends, and amazing memories. Things I never thought I would have today. Ones that I will always treasure.

There is still time left. There is always time to do something. to listen and be still. To laugh and to cry. To have new experiences. To have opportunities to better understand those we love and cherish. To make the most out of all the opportunities big and small, to love the people around us for who they are. To be challenged in a way where we can only seek Him in those moments. To hear His voice. To read His word. To spend time with Him and those He has placed in our paths. Each moment is precious and all apart of the Adventure.




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